Easy Access

Here at Gerry Comerford Drilling, we pride ourselves on providing a service that surpasses the average well drilling company. We strive to carry out any drilling work required efficiently while causing as little disruption as possible to our valued clients. We do this through our modern easy access drilling rig – an Atlas Copco Mustang All Terrain Rig.

We use this machine to complete jobs that would pose problems to many well drilling companies. With Gerry Comerford Drilling, there’s no job to difficult! Our easy access machine allows us to reach areas without causing disruption to your site.

Benefits of our Easy Access Machinery

Our easy access machine can easily carry our drilling that others can’t. Benefits of the Atlas Copco Mustang include:

  • The drilling rig can cover every type of job imaginable, no matter how difficult a terrain or site may seem

  • The machine can efficiently operate in all seasons, no matter what the weather

  • It incorporates a drill rig on tracks, allowing for usability on all types of terrain

  • Because the machine allows for easy access, work can be carried out on your property without disruption. For example, drilling machines used by other drilling companies may not be able to drill in hard to reach, difficult areas. As a result, they may ask for your permission to knock down a wall, a tree, etc. With our easy access drilling rig, this won’t be necessary!

Gerry Comerford Drilling provide a professional, friendly and efficient service to residential, commercial and agricultural clients across Kilkenny and the surrounding areas in the South East. Get in touch today!

Did you know that having your own private domestic water well makes you exempt from the Irish Water charges? Just another reason to give Gerry Comerford Drilling a call today!