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Other Services

Gerry Comerford Drilling offer a range of other services as well as being easy access water well drilling specialists. We happily provide our services to residential, commercial, and agricultural clients across Kilkenny and Nationwide. “Get in touch today you won’t be sorry”.

Our additional services are designed for our client’s convenience. With over 25 years’ experience in the well drilling industry, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to leave each client completely satisfied with our work.

Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd

Our additional services include:

Geothermal Drilling
This type of drilling results in a warmer, more energy efficient home. Geothermal Drilling is a process that involves extracting natural warmth and heat from the ground in order to heat your home. Geothermal drilling is energy efficient because it does not rely on fossil fuels like oil and gas. Instead it provides heat from a source that cannot be drained or emptied.
Water Pumps & Water Treatment
If required, Gerry Comerford Drilling can arrange for the supply and installation of water pumps on your property. Dependant on your own needs, we can also provide for the treatment of your water supply.
Water Divining
Water Divining is a process by which water sources are discovered without the use of scientific appliances. The team at Gerry Comerford Drilling can expertly provide this service.
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