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Quarry Drilling

Looking for the very best quarry drilling services in Ireland? Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd is a Kilkenny based quarry drilling company that offers their clients the best in professional quarry drilling services.

By leveraging our years of experience with the very best drilling equipment, we drill quickly, effectively and at a price point that makes sense to all size quarry owners.

We use an all-terrain drilling rig that can access just about anywhere.

Since 1995 we have been offering quarry drilling services. Our team of expert drillers have worked with quarry owners all over Ireland. No matter the size, scope or the specifics of your quarry drilling requirements Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd will be able to help.

Why Choose Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd For Your Quarry Drilling?

Want to know why you should choose Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd?


We’ve been offering well-drilling services for over 3 decades. We remain one of Ireland’s most experienced and established drilling companies.


Our competitive pricing makes sense for quarries of all sizes. We offer fully personalised work on all our quarry drilling services.


We are proud of our reputation for professionalism. And have become the drilling company of choice for quarries all over Ireland.

For additional information on our quarry drilling services contact with Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd today.

Quarry Drilling FAQ

I Need a Quarry Drilling company near me? How do I hire Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd?

Contact Gerry Comerford directly he will call to your quarry and provide an estimate for your drilling needs.

How much does Quarry Drilling Cost?

All our prices are customized to the needs of the individual quarry drilling project.

For costings, please get in contact without delay today!

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