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Underground Moling

Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd has been providing the very best of underground moling services to clients all over Ireland.

By using the very latest underground moling equipment we can lay pipes quickly and effectively without disturbing the above-ground land or structures.

Our underground moiling services are particularly attractive to farmers, where a road has divided their land in half.

Our team can safely and quickly install piping – using the underground moiling technique – without affecting the road. The piping then allows for the effective transfer of water from both sides of a divided field.

Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd have installed piping, using the underground moling technique, for farmers and local authorises.

Advantages of Underground Moling


Underground moling allows underground piping to be laid without the need to dig up the ground.


Underground moling allows for pipes to be laid under all kinds of structures, including roads. As we go underground the road doesn’t have to be closed, making moling extremely effective.

Perfect for Fields and Soft Ground

Moling is most suitable on soft earth; therefore, it’s often used on grazing or farming land.

For more information on underground moling, get in contact with Gerry Comerford Drilling Ltd today.

Underground Moling

What is underground moling?

Moiling is an effective underground procedure that allows contractors and builders to lay piping or cabling without disturbing the landscape surfaces.

I need underground moling services near me? What is your catchment area?

Our underground moling services are available to clients nationwide? Get in contact with uss now to find out if underground moling is right for your project.

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